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Canada has some of the best and most attractive immigration opportunities in the world and each year tens of thousands of people choose to make a Canadian province home. Compared to similar countries, the rules and regulations are quite generous and along with a strong economy, labour market and social systems, choosing to come to Canada is an obvious choice among many migrants.

Manitoba is a hot immigration destination inside of Canada for many reasons. The Manitoba provincial PNP program or MPNP brings in a huge amount of new temporary and permanent residents each year and offers expedited processing. Applying to immigrate to Manitoba, Canada is a fairly straight forward process for qualifying individuals and families, but in many cases you may want to hire the professional guidance and advice of a top Manitoba immigration attorney, consultant or agency. We aim to provide straight forward and easy advice and to help you find a top affordable lawyer or consultant, to help guide you along your application, processing time and give you the best shot at successful approval as possible.

Continue reading below to learn more about the 2020 MPNP program, temporary residence and permanent residence and citizenship law in the province and country, and educate yourself on some other general areas of interest.


Manitoba Permanent & Temporary Resident Visa

Browse below for some information on different federal level and government rules and regulations regarding permanent and temporary residence permits in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada

2019 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The 2019 Manitoba Provincial Nomination program’s purpose is to fuel Manitoba’s growth by recruiting skilled and experienced workers who can add value to the province’s economy and system. It is designed to help individuals and their family immigrate successfully to Canada under the pretense that they have the skills, ability and desire to contribute.

The 2019 MPNP program selects people whom can show sufficient ties, value education, experience, language skills to make a unique contribution to the province and its markets. Being a nominee of the Manitoba province nomination program give you and your family faster acceptance into the Canada Permanent residency permit and visa application and thus provides a more efficient road to become a Canadian resident or citizen wishing to live in Winnipeg or Manitoba.

The Manitoba provincial nomination program offers people further ways to gain Canadian residency than those provided by the federal programs.

For more information on the provincial nomination programs for Canada and Manitoba immigrating in 2019 or to get more information on kits, how to apply, processing time and costs, please click here to read our blog post.

Appeals & Litigation

Manitoba Immigration Appeals & Litigation

Were you refused or denied on an Canadian immigration or MPNP application?

After working hard and diligently and paying the fees to apply for immigration to Manitoba or Canada, it can be really disheartening to get denied after months of waiting. Fortunately this is not always the end of the road and you may be able to fight or appeal your immigration refusal via several routes. Consulting a top immigrant litigation attorney in Manitoba or Canada can go a long way to understanding your options and deciding if an appeal or litigation or even re-filing is your best option. A professional can also help you organize and create your case to ensure the timeliest and most probable chances at a successful appeal or application. Please get in touch with our lawyers in immigration appeals for a free initial consultation to get started on understanding your unique case today.

Attorney Rates, Fees & Costs

Manitoba & Winnipeg Immigration Lawyers Rates, Fees & Costs

Many people are curious as to what fees they can expect to pay when dealing with a legal representative on their immigrant program. They want to know what kind of immigration lawyer rates and costs they can expect when using specialized professional services. These type of search queries are also highly targeted with individuals right on the verge of selecting an individual or organization to help them through the Canadian Immigrant processes and applications.

Top & Best Manitoba Immigration Lawyers

Top & Best Manitoba Immigration Lawyers

We receive many visitors finding the website searching for specific queries such as ‘the top immigrant attorneys in Winnipeg Manitoba’ and the best. Appearing up top for searches such as this gives the visitor the impression you are the most noted and respected individual or firm in the field. The search engines have decided to place your number one and it builds trust and respect with the people looking for the very best of the best available. Top rated and noted professionals can afford to charge a premium for their superior work and having the reputation of being number one goes a long way for your business, brand and bottom line.

US, Phillipines & India Immigration

US, India, Punjab, Hindu & Filipino Immigration Lawyers in Winnipeg MB

Although not as popular as the more generic legal terms, we have noticed a significant amount of visitors finding our site looking for nationality specific terms. Common key phrases referring potential clients to this website include US, India, Punjab and Philippines Immigration Attorneys in Winnipeg Manitoba. Filipino immigration to Manitoba is the largest demographic for the last 5+ years, followed closely by Punjab and Punjabi immigration from India. The province also has a large Hindi and Hindu immigrant community and all signs point to that sector continuing to grow. Beside the large Indian immigration law and Philippino sectors which are the two biggest communities in the province, we also have visitors monthly looking for UK, Australian, European and various other countries, although the above 3 are the most popular at this time. We can work with your business to acquire specific nation traffic and queries on demand and attain number 1 rankings in the search engine’s per your request.

Tagalog & Punjabi

Tagalog / Filipino and Hindu / Punjabi Immigration to MB

Many of the visitors coming from the Philippines and India speak English, but there is a considerable amount that have English as a secondary language and can speak either Tagalog or Punjabi much better. As a lawyer, if you can communicate with them in these languages, or even just target the keywords, you have a sound advantage over other immigration lawyers. Another popular language for immigrants is Mandarin, although it is less popular than either Filipino / Tagalog or Punjabi.

Cheap & Affordable Lawyers

Cheap & Affordable Immigration Lawyers in Winnipeg Manitoba

There is a growing number of visitors coming into the website looking for cheap and affordable legal consultation and services. The keywords are varied but indicate a large market of low income immigrant applications looking for affordability and cheap costs and fees. If you can provide affordable and cheap immigration consultation and legal help, there is a large market for you waiting on this site.