About Us

This site has and is currently being grown and dedicated to capture leads and potential prospects for a Manitoba or Winnipeg based immigration attorney or organization. We are a group of online marketing specialist aiming at capturing as much of the online Winnipeg immigration market as possible for our clients.

Are you an Immigration specialist looking for more business?

This website continues to grow at a steady pace in the major search engines such as Google and yahoo and is attracting dozens of potential clients for your business each month already. It will continue to be grown and marketed until it achieves top rankings for all of the most popular search queries that people searching for immigration legal services in Winnipeg are turning to the internet to find. Use our contact page or phone 204-960-0935 to discuss traffic, growth, strategy and the financial gain your business stands by working with us.

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Any business minded person or immigration lawyer will understand the value of such highly targeted traffic coming to their business. We are achieving top rankings and will continue to evolve and capture more for all of the most popular search queries your potential clients may be searching for online to find services that you provide.

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Rent or Buy our traffic and immigration law leads

We are offering to rent out this website and its daily prospects to an individual or firm on a month to month basis. The website will be re-designed and branded to your business with marketing creative designed to turn as many visitors into phone calls and clients as possible. Advertising spots are also open within the network and we are also open to the idea of selling this web property outright for the right price although with significant month over month growth we prefer to lease.

Obviously the opportunity to reach hundreds of new people already searching for your services each year has big implications on your businesses growth and bottom line or your competitors should they be found first instead, contact us for details.

Promotion and Advertising of your Current Website:

We can also take your existing website and provide and execute a strategy that will expand its online reach and visitor base significantly in online search, social media and advertising platforms in as quickly as two weeks.

To inquire about business opportunities call 204-960-0935 or visit or contact page.