Applying to Immigrate to Winnipeg Manitoba

Immigration Law Winnipeg - Application Process

Immigration Attorneys Winnipeg, MB Applying for permanent resident status in Canada can be an overwhelming process with an incredible amount of paperwork with a significant amount of room for error. To hopefully make the process a little easier, we have compiled a list of the top five errors made when applying for Canadian residency and how to avoid them.

Point Calculation

Under the Federal Skilled Workers Program and Manitoba Skilled Worker Program, as well as most other Provincial Nominee Programs, you will be required to meet minimum point expectations, which can be a complicated process. It is important to ensure you are accurately calculating your points based on your experience and qualifications in order to prevent your application from being rejected.

Improper Filing

As with any forms, it is imperative that all directions are followed completely and completed thoroughly. Inconsistent information – including missing signatures or altered spelling of names between forms – will cause the application to be rejected so be sure to verify and double check all information prior to submitting for review.

Missing Documents

While different aspects of Winnipeg, Manitoba immigration require different documents, it is important to make sure that you are sending all required documents for your request and in the correct format – copy or original. Missing documents or submitting a copy instead of an original will delay your application, as they will require you to resubmit with appropriate supporting documents.

Incorrect NOC (National Occupational Classification) Code

Unless you are immigrating to Winnipeg, Canada with an offer from a Canadian employer, you will be required to select, from a list of 29 eligible jobs, a job in which you have at least one year of experience. Proof of minimum experience requires a detailed reference letter from a previous employer. It is important to ensure the reference letter describes the experience for which you have selected for application. If they do not match, the application cold be rejected and you will have to try to apply to immigrate to Manitoba again.

Selecting Incorrect Visa Office

Prior to sending your application for Manitoba review, ensure you have the correct address for the office that will be handling your request. Mailing to an inappropriate facility will cause your application to be rejected and returned to you.
The last thing anyone working on immigrating to Canada wants is to prolong the process so we hope this list expedites your filing.