Family Class Immigration & MPNP Family Stream

2020 Manitoba Family Class Immigration & MPNP Stream

Legal Immigration Canada Family class immigration is one method you may use to allow your family to join you in Canada. Using this type of immigration, certain members of your family are able to immigrate to Canada as long as you promise to care for them for a specified amount of time. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding Winnipeg family class immigration.

  • Who can come to Canada?
  • Under the Manitoba immigration program, family members who might be eligible include your spouse, conjugal partner (including same-sex partners), parents, grandparents, and children.
  • What qualifications must I meet?
  • Be at least eighteen years old
  • You are required to be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • In certain situations, Canadian citizens residing outside of the country might still be eligible to sponsor family members.
  • You must complete a sponsorship undertaking for the Canadian government. This is your promise, which will last for three to ten years, that you will support the family member(s) you are sponsoring. All parties must sign this agreement acknowledging their understanding of the sponsorship.
  • You must meet certain economic guidelines established by the Canadian government
  • Exception: Spousal sponsorship typically does not consider the sponsors financial situation
  • How else can someone immigrate to Canada?
  • Temporary work or study visa
  • What is the success rate of Canadian immigration?
  • From January 2005 to March 2005, about 56,374 non-Canadians became permanent residents. Of these residents, 12,412 immigrated using the family class immigration method.

While there are several ways one can immigrate to Canada, family class immigration is one of the most popular choices. All information is correct as of October 16, 2005. This is informational, this is not legal advice.