Fast and Cheap Winnipeg Immigration 2016

Fast & Cheap Legal Immigration To Winnipeg, Canada

While other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia are capping the number of immigrants they will accept, Canada is prepared to happily welcome another 240,000 to 265,000 permanent residents during 2009 – the highest number in 15 years! The Minister of the Citizenship, Winnipeg Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kennedy, emphasized the commitment to the new Canada immigration program. CIMC’s goal is to streamline the Manitoba immigration process for applicants covered by the Federal Skilled Workers Program by reducing the previous time frame of 6 to 7 years for completion to a jaw-dropping 6 to 12 months.

Overall wait times have been greatly reduced with the introduction of a Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Nova Scotia as well as overseas visa offices delegated to handle certain types of applications. Where your application is sent is based on the qualifying criteria for a Federal Skilled Worker program applicant.

For example, if you have already been offered a Canadian job, your application will be sent directly to the CIO whereas those who have been living in Canada legally for at least one year will submit their application to the Canadian immigration visa office. Furthermore, applicants who fall into one of Canada’s 38 “high-demand” occupations such as finance, skilled trades, and health will receive priority processing.

Applications handled exclusively by the CIO will be processed to completion within 120 days of receipt. Any applications that were not qualified will be returned to the applicant and a complete fee refund will be given.

New funding made available by the 2008 Budget will help reduce the accumulation of unprocessed applications and allow the immigration department to reach annual goals more easily. The largest impact will be the ability to increase staffing in overseas visa offices that were experiencing high application volume.

If an individual is not qualified under the Federal Skilled Worker program, specialists are available to help find the best solution for you. These new changes to the immigrating to Winnipeg procedures puts Canada on an even playing field with Australia and New Zealand – two of the most competitive countries with regards to immigrating to Winnipeg, Manitoba.