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Filipino Winnipeg Immigration Immigration from the Philippines to Manitoba, most notably to Winnipeg and Brandon, is on the boom and has been for quite some time. Manitoba offers Filipino and Tagalog speaking people an enormous community, programs and incentives on top of housing the densest Filipino / Tagalog immigrant population of any city in Canada.

Home to more than 60,000 Filipinos, only Toronto and Vancouver have comparable populations, but offer much more expensive costs of living for the average person and finds their existing communities of Filipino people to be spread throughout the larger stretching cities.

Manitoba Destinations: While Winnipeg has the largest population of immigrants by a major margin, there are some migrants choosing the communities elsewhere in the province. Brandon as mentioned above but also the smaller areas of Winkler, Neepawa, Steinbach, Thompson, and Morden all have people choosing to migrate too.

Avenues for Application The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) controls the vast majority of accepted temporary and permanent residency applications into the province each year (92% in 2012 statistics) although the province did accept immigrants through federal programs such as the family class, skilled worker class and refugee class on a statistically relevant level.

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filipino tagalog immigration lawyers Pinoy speaking immigration in Winnipeg: Tagalog was discovered to be the second most common mother language in Winnipeg, Manitoba even beating Canada’s second official language French in a recent census. Over 35,000 people in the Winnipeg metropolitan area or over 4% of the total population speak this Filipino language primarily at home.

Filipino Tagalog was reported as the fastest growing language not just in Manitoba but in all of Canada, with a noted 64% increase within Canada between 2006 and 2011 censuses.

About Tagalog: Spoken by about 25% of the Philippine population and as a second language of the vast majority of others, Tagalog is the first language of regions such as Calabarzon, Mimaropa, Bulacan and Metro Manila. It’s the second official language of the Philippines alongside English. Tagalog is distantly similar to other Austronesian languages like Hawaiian, Malagasy and Indonesian as well as other Philippine tongues in Bikol, Visayan, Kapampangan & Ilokano for example.

Winnipeg’s Filipino Community & Services

Driving the massive success of Philippines immigration to Winnipeg is the established community, population and culture already present in the city. There is a large community centre known as The Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba or PCCM that provides several social services and is a central and well respected organization.

There are a growing amount of Filipino newspapers and publications as well as a plethora of various social and community programs and activities to comfortably join as a Filipino immigrant to Winnipeg. Several prominent Filipino politicians live in and work out of the province and there are many notable peoples and families within the diverse Winnipeg community.

New immigrants and families generally feel very welcomed and involved in the warm and vibrant culture quickly and many talk regularly about why Canada, Manitoba, and Winnipeg are such popular destinations for people wishing to leave the Philippines in search of something new or more for themselves and their families.

Philippines / Filipino Immigration Lawyers & Consultants in Winnipeg MB:

Have a legal question or concern? Get in touch with us today, our Filipino immigration consultants and attorneys can help you understand various immigrant and citizenship law / legal questions you may have from the 2016 MPNP to Federal immigration programs. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program offers Philippine immigrants expediated processing and is the vastly preffered option for migration to Manitoba and Canada for Filipino people. The MPNP points system & general stream and economic class routes allows a massive amount of immigration application online each year and is a simple and straight forward process. The advice and consultation of an immigration attorney to appeal, litigate, file and organize an immigration case can vastly improve your chances of a successul application however for those that are uncertain of their eligibility and desirability into the province.

If you have been rejected or denied an application you may also wish to contact a Manitoba immigration attorney to discuss your options for appeal and re-application, as well as an optimal plan and approach for formulating a successful migration to the province or country.