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indian immigration lawyer winnipeg Canada is a popular and attractive nation for Indian immigrants for a variety of reasons and Indians now make up one of Canada’s largest and most successful subcultures. An estimated 30,000 Indian citizens will arrive in Canada with permanent residence status this year long and tens of thousands of others will migrate to visit, study, and work in the country.

Almost 35,000 Indians came to Canada in 2013 with permanent residency visas, over 125,000 came to visit and 14,000 international students arrived in the country. Thanks in part to the established history between the two countries, lenient family sponsorship rules as well as attractive opportunities for individuals and families, successful Indian migration to Canada is a growing trend and adds tremendously to Canada’s skilled workforce and economy.

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Indian immigration to Manitoba, Canada

india immigration manitoba Alongside the Philippines and China, India makes up the largest portion of immigrants to Manitoba each year. In 2012 Filipino and Chinese immigration dropped while India grew and the trend looks to continue.

In 2012 there were 2,100 permanent residents that successfully migrated from India composing approximately 16% of the total immigration to the province. Also that year there were almost 1900 Punjabi / Punjabi immigrants to the province, a main language of India and many of its sub regions.

The vast majority of Indian and Punjab immigrants to Manitoba choose Winnipeg, the province’s capital city as a settlement location, making up almost 85% of landed immigrants in 2012. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, or MPNP, allowed the majority of these individuals expedited immigration into the province and continues to be the preferred route for Indian and Punjabi immigrants to the province. Of the immigrants to the province, approximately 1,700 or 13% came via the Family Class and Stream, almost 13,500 or 77% via economic class routes and the remained via other avenues such as refugee class. Manitoba’s PNP program is recognized as an incredibly generous and helpful program for people wishing to migrate on a faster basis.

Why India / Punjab Immigration to Winnipeg?

Representing an almost 85% choice of immigrants to the province, Winnipeg poses many attractive opportunities and reasons for choice for Indian migrants. There are large established communities, social programs and Indian specific benefits within the city of Winnipeg. The existing and established community is described as warm, welcoming, and helpful; often making newly landed Indians feel at home and comfortably quickly and inviting them into their social circles to adapt easier to the change of location.

Other Popular Manitoba Destinations

Although the vast majority have and will choose the capital city of Winnipeg to call home, there are established and successful immigrant communities settled in other areas of the province. Most notably Indian and Punjabi applications for immigrantion have chosen the areas of Brandon, Winkler, Neepawa, Steinbach and Thompson. These cities pose several different opportunities for individuals and families and are considered less hectic and less crowded areas supporting a wide variety of different occupations.

Punjabi immigration to Manitoba / other languages

punjabi immigration consultants canada Of the major Indian languages, by far the most popular speaking demographic in Winnipeg and Manitoba is Punjabi. In 2012 for example, Indian Punjabi represented the second biggest mother tongue for immigrants to Manitoba with almost 1900 individuals and approximately 12% share. Tagalog (Filipino) was the only other language (27%) that beat it thanks in part to the enormous popularity of Winnipeg and Manitoba for the Philippines, and Punjab even beat out larger and more common languages such as English (11%) and Mandarin (5%).

Hindi immigration to Manitoba

Manitoba Hindu immigration There is also a very large established Hindi speaking and Hindu population in both Winnipeg and Manitoba. Hindi is a popular tongue amongst Indian immigrants only being bested by Punjabi as noted by a recent population census.

The province features a great Hindu and Hindi speaking community. With larger organizations like the “Hindu Society of Manitoba” and various other community-driven programs and social platforms found throughout the city for Hindu immigrants to Manitoba.

Language Demographics of India

India is an incredibly large and diverse country and although Punjab and Hindi are the most common and large language demographics within the province and in Canada, the city of Winnipeg and the other sizable cities of Canada house significant populations of people from the other major languages.

Approximately 20% of India’s population is considered ‘bilingual’ and 7+% ‘trilingual’, major languages found in the country include:

  • Hindi Languages – The largest population by a good margin with approximately 366 million speakers
  • Bengali – Another massive demographic with a reported 210+ million people. Popular in the states of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Jharkhand
  • Telugu – predominantly spoken in the areas of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and in Yanam where it is the official language Telugu is the 3rd most popular official language of India.
  • Marathi – With an estimated 75 million speakers, it is the popular in the state of Maharashtra where it is the official language and in Maharashtra’s neighboring states
  • Tamil – An official language in India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, it is primarily spoken in the states of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • Urdu – Nearly the same is Hindi, Urdu is a standardized register of the Hindustani language. It is also popular and native to Pakistan and features an estimated speaking population of over 50 million peoples worldwide.
  • Gujarati – Spoken primarily in the Gujarat region of West India, Gujarati is approximated at nearly 50 million speakers.
  • Kannada – With nearly 40 million speakers worldwide, Kannada is a large language featured predominantly in the Karnataka region of India where it is the official and administrative language of the state. Kannada speakers are known as Kannadigas speakers

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