2020 MPNP Points System & Calculator - Immigration MB

2020 MPNP Immigration Points System & Calculator

2020 MPNP Point Calculator Manitoba’s Provincial Nomination Program is used to locate individuals and skilled workers that are potentially good economic additions to Manitoba’s population; to immigrate and reside permanently. There are two distinct populations that may wish to use the M.P.N.P – those that are skilled workers overseas and those currently working in Manitoba. Furthermore to increase acceptance rates or cut down on potential problems, you may want to apply on the advice of an immigration consultant or a qualified immigration or citizenship attorney or firm. Individuals apply based on their connection to MB and are assessed on the MPNP point scale based on language skills, adaptability, age, skills and education/experience in their chosen field of employment or expertise.

The 2020 MPNP program assesses cases on verifiable documentation submitted along with a person’s offline or online Manitoba immigration application and if they are able to properly demonstrate their ability to meet criteria for employment and adaptability and meet point requirements, may be allowed to use the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to expedite immigration and permanent residence to the Canadian province of Manitoba. There are several common routes and stream in the 2020 Manitoba PNP program such as the General Stream, Business stream, Family Support Stream, International Students Stream, Employer Direct Stream, Strategic Initiatives Stream, and Young Farmers Stream to apply to the PNP program under.

Manitoba adaptability is based on an individual’s verified ability to show they can establish themselves in the province and provide ongoing and positive contribution as a Manitoban permanent resident. Your settlement plan, supports, satisfactory connection to the province and employability will contribute to how adaptable you are to the province.

Manitoba employability is based on several factors such as language ability, market demand for long term employment in your given field of training and experience, education, transferable skills and training, specialized training, and other related aspects. Being able to show value as a potential employee and demonstrating the current industry conditions could benefit from your employment.

Note that an application can be rejected at the programs discretion and it does happen often. Using a top immigration lawyer or consultant to litigate or appeal a refusal is recommended in many cases but refiling may be a just option. To improve your chances get in touch with a Winnipeg immigrant / citizenship attorney or professional consultant.

2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Points & Calculation

Applications from individuals whom are not already working inside of Manitoba such as those deemed overseas skilled workers or those applying to the 2020 MPNP while visiting or living in, but not currently working in MB, will be assessed on the MPNP point system as of 2020 (check the official MPNP for latest information)

An applicant must be able to demonstrate at least 60 points on the scale, based on five criteria, to be considered eligible and apply for immigration to Manitoba via this route. Note that point calculation is not a guaranteed nomination in the program and will still be subject to review. With the officer and program having the final decision despite your ability to meet the 60 point lower threshold. Note that if your MPNP application is refused you may still be able to appeal or fight the MPNP’s application refusal.

If there is a discrepancy between your MPNP self-assessment points and an official MPNP officer’s assessment of your case, the officer’s assessment will be used over the self-assessed valuation. Furthermore the program has the right to treat each application on an individual basis.

Experience and Education

While applicants are allowed to pursue different career options and opportunities within the province, the MPNP will assess an individual’s ‘experience and education’ based on current occupation or the one with which they have the most experience throughout their careers.

Because the Manitoba Provincial immigration program is to help the economy of Manitoba and Canada, the MPNP assessment will also look at current labour market conditions, supply and demand for an individual’s job or career with which they have the most experience or are currently holding. And make a decision and valuation based on current Manitoba market factors.


The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is not a sponsorship program but rather an attempt to bring the most value into Manitoba’s economy with skilled workers that have legitimate interest in settling in MB as permanent residents.

An individual applying under the MPNP must show the ability and desire to establish their self permanently in MB. Job experience and job offers, past experience and schooling / family and social ties to the province help to show an applicant’s “Connection to Manitoba”.

An MPNP official will look at and asses your connection to the province and make sure that they are strong enough, they will also make sure that you are not better suited with stronger ties to a different province. The Manitoba Nominee Program can refuse an applicant if they believe they have strong social, family or economic ties to a different Canadian province.

Beginning a new life in Canada will require time and money and as such applicants are encouraged or required to have sufficient financial resources. Typically it is suggest you have at least $10,000 CAD plus $2000 for each dependent. This low end recommendation is to help you support your family while you spend the necessary time establishing and adapting to the province.

Settlement Plan

The 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program requires an applicant to have a properly formed, thought out and precise settlement plan with their application. The purpose of this plan is to help think out and lay out the steps to getting employed, adapted and settled into the province successfully upon arriving.

A properly formed settlement plan includes information regarding your social and personal ties to the province, a formed plan for comfortably integrating into a specific destination community, why you have chosen this province in the first place and not elsewhere, and that you are capable of and are indeed taking steps to ensure and establish long term employment within the Manitoba Labour market.

An applicant that makes their primary connection to Manitoba based on family or social ties will need to find a Manitoba Supporter to read over and endorse their settlement strategy. A Manitoba supporter is typically a close friend or family member and a Canadian citizen or permanent residency holder who has been living in the province for a period of 365 days continually, whom will complete the form entitled Settlement Plan Part 2 on your behalf.

Language ability (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)

Language ability is a vital part of settling successfully and quickly in a new country. Family and social ties and a properly formed settlement plan can be instrumental in getting along in MB, but the ability to communicate effectively and properly in your day to day life and occupation will be vital to getting settled and ahead in the province.

A candidate for the 2020 MPNP program must be able to demonstrate English ability that is deemed job ready. This generally is considered level 4 and above in the Canadian Language Benchmark system. Note however that depending on other factors and the industry involved and its own conditions… a great deal of applicants will be required to be much more proficient in specific English language skill such as writing, reading, talking or listening.

Any person wishing to apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program must provide documented proof of English language ability from an approved testing type or center. Note that if you are already a temporary resident working in Manitoba in NOC A or B this will not apply to you.