Manitoba Provincial Nomination Streams

Learn more about the 2020 MPNP requirements & online application

2020 MPNP Immigration Streams to Manitoba

The 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is an immigrant program ran by the government of Manitoba to help bring and select candidates and applicants whom wish to settle in MB permanently. The program is designed to select potential applicants in a way that improves upon and builds Manitoba’s labour and economic markets and create growth. The Manitoba PNP is recommended for most immigrant appilcations and brings in thousands (especially Filipino, Chinese, and Indian people) each year and continues to trend upwards.

Individuals must be able to demonstrate their ability to be an asset to the province and have a legitimate interest in becoming a permanent resident along with their families.

Currently applicants may be able to qualify to immigrate using the 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program under several streams. Using an experienced Manitoba consultant or immigration attorney to apply or appeal / litigate a refusal to a MPNP case can greatly improve your chances of success as well so give us a call today!

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2020 MPNP General Stream

Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program General Stream is for applicants deemed skilled workers who can meet the 2020 points system threshold and show genuine interest and capability to immigrate to Manitoba as a permanent resident. Applicants under the MPNP general stream and points system calculation are eligible if they can show verifiable documentation of one of the following:

  • Close family connection in the province
  • Documentation that you have worked full-time within MB for a period of not less than 6 months.
  • Have finished an approved educational program in the province of at least one full year

A skilled worker will then be considered for nomination in the program if they can successfully demonstrate to the MPNP that they:

  • Can meet the requirements of the point system assessment
  • Have sufficient experience, training, education and language skills that would be necessary for their successful long term employment in the province
  • Can show genuine interest and capability to immigrate permanently and successfully in MB

A 2020 MPNP general stream application is assessed points based on criteria (language skills, adaptability, education and training, age and work experience). An individual must demonstrate a minimum point value based on assessment and a program officer must believe the assessment to be accurate.

2020 MPNP Family Support Stream

An applicant will be eligible to apply for the 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Family Support Stream and receive a priority immigration assessment if they can successful show:

  • A close family member who is willing to support your Manitoba settlement and whom is already a valued and established resident of the province
  • They they meet the basic requirement of the MPNP for education/training, age, language skills and work/career experience.

People wishing to apply under the 2020 Family Stream must provide an “Affidavit of Support” from a close family member that resides in MB and meet or surpass the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of 2 full years of job experience within the past 5 years
  • Show proof (certificate or diploma) of a completed post-secondary educational program of at least 1 full academic year
  • Meet language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) requirements to be readily employable in the Manitoba labour market.

2020 MPNP International Students Stream

mpnp international students stream 2020 The 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program International Students Stream and priority application is for post-secondary graduates who can show verifiable strong connections to the province and can demonstrate legitimate interest and intention to work and establish their lives and career in Manitoba. An applicant under the 2020 MPNP International Student and and working graduates stream must be able to show:

  • They have completed a post-secondary educational course or program that was at least one full academic year in a qualified provincial institution
  • Have received a ‘postgraduate open work permit’ from the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
  • Have received a verifiable offer from an employer in the province of full time and long term employment in a sector related to your education.
  • Have been employed by the above employer for at least 6 calendar months prior to the International Students Stream application.

NOTICE: Introduced in 2011, individuals applying to the International students stream whom have graduated from a provincial post-secondary program of 2 or more full academic years will qualify to apply to the MPNP in lieu of receiving a full time long term offer from a Manitoban employer.

2020 MPNP Employer Direct Stream

mpnp employer direct stream 2020 The 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Employer Direct Stream is an expedited application stream that strives to help foreign workers whom have already been working in the province for 6+ months to become a permanent resident in MB.

Under the 2020 MPNP Employer Direct Stream you can apply on the premise and demonstration of an ongoing, stable and full time employment offer from a provincial employer. Once an individual has received such a verifiable formal offer from an employer, an employer direct stream applicant provides it to the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program .

To be a qualifying applicant (applying online in Manitoba) you must also provide proof of:

  • The formal, ongoing and full time employment offer from the MB employer
  • Required education, training, experience and language skills that would be required of the employment you have been offered, including any needed certificates or licences required in the country you reside.
  • Genuine ability and intent to settle and adapt permanently within the province.

2020 MPNP Strategic Initiatives Stream

mpnp strategic initiatives stream 2020 The Provincial Nominee Program of Manitoba regularly takes up special initiatives to help the province meet CMIA (Canada Manitoba Immigration Agreement) requirements and guidelines. These initiatives are utilized at the Provincial Nomination Program’s discretion in relation to current resources and conditions.

An individual may be able to apply for the 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Strategic Initiatives Stream given they have done one of the following:

  • Have undergone an ‘Exploratory Visit’ to the province that was approved by the MPNP
  • Received an invitation from the MPNP to apply as part of a specific promotional initiative

Furthermore meeting one of those an applicant must have also:

  • Have completed a high school equivalent education
  • Provide proof of enough career or job experience as to be employable in the current Manitoba labour market or meet requirements specified in the initiative
  • Have sufficient language skills for the province
  • Have a genuine intention and means to reside successfully within the province.

2020 MPNP Business Stream

mpnp business stream 2020 The 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Business Stream allows the province to locate and recruit qualified business owners and farmers from all areas of the globe whom have genuine desire, intention and abilities to come into MB to purchase, partner in, or establish a business within the province.

Basic requirements to qualify for the 2020 MPNP Business Stream include:

  • 3+ years of verifiable experience in a successful business with a role not less than senior management OR ownership experience in a successful company.
  • A verified personal net worth of not less than $350,000 CAD

Additionally a potential candidate must be willing to be prepared to:

  • Reside within the province along with their immediate dependent family.
  • Make an equity investment in the province of not less than $150,000.
  • Come to MB on an ‘Exploratory Visit’ and provide a thorough and documented business opportunity assessment and a certain level of knowledge on the province and the market.

A Business applicant that is approved by the province will be required to make a down deposit of not less than $75,000 CAD to guarantee you will live within Manitoba and begin or purchase a business / farm within a period of 2 years of receiving permanent residency.

This deposit will be refunded (without interest) when your investment is finalized, the business / farm is operational and you are settled in the province.

2020 MPNP Young Farmer Stream

mpnp young farmers stream 2020 The 2020 Manitoba Provincial Nominee Young Farmer Stream lets the province identify, recruit and nominate qualifying farmers, farming business and owners whom are interest in coming to the province of Manitoba and have sufficient ability and intent on settling permanently as a resident and establishing or purchasing a qualifying business or company.

Applicants to the Young Farming Stream must meet the following criteria:

  • Be able to show a minimum personal net worth not less than C$150,000 after their relocation to the province
  • Be under the age of 40 years
  • Show a verifiable length of farm ownership experience not less than 3 years or in senior farm management role
  • Main applicant or spouse also have skills that would be able to supplement farming income within the province’s current labour market
  • Have done an exploratory visit to the province of not less than one full week to understand and investigate current farm opportunities and the province of Manitoba before application

Additionally an individual must be willing to:

  • Demonstrate and document an appropriate assessment of their farming business opportunities and general knowledge of the province.
  • Make residence along with their dependents and immediate family members within the province
  • Make an investment of C$150,000 within the province
  • Show that a combination of their farming income and non-farming supplementary income noted above will provide their family an excess of $35,000/year CDN after taxes.

If an applicant is approved by the province they will be made required to make a deposit of not less than C$75,000 to the Government of Manitoba guaranteeing their intention to live in the province and start the process of purchasing a farm within the first two years of becoming a permanent resident.

This deposit is refunded minus interest when the farm is operational, you are living within the province and the farming investment detailed by the applicant is complete.