Canadian Immigration Attorney Responsibilities

What Does A Manitoba & Canadian Immigration Lawyer Do

Immigration Lawyers Winnipeg While immigration lawyers are often thought of as dealing with people facing deportation, they deal with much more. These attorneys handle all aspects of immigration such as helping people attain temporary visas for Canada, assisting in the acquisition of Green Cards, facilitating the marriage of a citizen and a non-citizen, and aiding the efforts of individuals who wish to become naturalized citizens.

Temporary Visas

A temporary visa allows a person to work in a country of which they do not have citizenship. For example, if an individual from Canada wishes to work in the United States, they would require a temporary visa. As these visas are temporary, utilizing an attorney in Attorney to assist with refilling for an extension or renewal is helpful as laws change and they are fully aware of all necessary steps to ensure expeditious success.

Green Cards

Like a visa, these documents allow non-citizens to work in the country. The difference is that Green Cards are for long-term employment and almost always require legal aid.


If a citizen and a non-citizen wish to get married, it is important to understand the legalities involved. Once married, the non-citizen is entitled to full citizenship if they so choose and it is important to ensure that the marriage is legitimate. There have been countless cases of couples marrying simply to obtain benefits of another country.


For individuals who do not get married to a citizen, Winnipeg immigration attorneys help them apply and attain their own citizenship. This is a long and arduous process and it is absolutely necessary to retain a lawyer from Winnipeg to comb through the paperwork and gather pertinent information to ensure proper filing and to help mitigate delays and errors.

It is important for people to understand the many functions of these lawyers in the event you or someone you know ends up in a situation that would require their services. Utilizing the appropriate attorney in Winnipeg, Manitoba is vital to ensuring that all laws are being followed and that no details are overlooked. Tackling these major events without the help of a trained professional could not only cost you significantly more time and money, but also result in legal consequences including deportation.